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by Paul Kiser
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Paul Kiser

Most non-Rotarians have little background information on Rotary and when we try to explain what Rotary is about we usually discuss the aspects of Rotary for which we are most familiar. Often a Club will become involved in eight to ten programs or projects each year and Club members know and understand those programs but may be unaware of how many programs Rotary offers at a District level.

Each District has a menu of support services and program opportunities for its Clubs. The goal is to assist and improve Club operations as well as help develop effective local, regional, and international programs and projects. Each of the over 500 Rotary Districts are supported by a staff of Rotarian volunteers to assist in the formation and maintenance of each project or program.

The unique aspect of Rotary is that a single member typically initiates her or his Club’s participation in a new project or program, so a new member can often take the lead in expanding the service opportunities in her or his Club, while also becoming connected to the Club through involvement. When talking to a potential member, every Rotarian should remember that a non-Rotarian might be the person to ignite a new fire in the Club.

The scope of Rotary
In any given year our Rotary District (5190) there are typically almost 150 District positions staffed by volunteer Rotarians representing many clubs.  Among the positions are:

A District 5190 Leadership Meeting

  • 15 Current or Future District Governors and Assistant District Governors assisting the Clubs
  • 2 District Officers (Secretary and Treasurer)
  • 41 District Project and Program Committee Chairs including
    • Membership
      • Development
      • Extension
    • Clean Water
    • Health & Hunger
    • Literacy
    • Community Service
    • International Service
      • World Community Service
      • Partners and Projects
    • Vocational Service
      • Ethics Project
      • Speech Contest
      • Music Contest
    • Youth Services
      • Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
      • Interact Clubs (Ages 12 to 18)
      • Rotaract Clubs (Ages 18 to 30)
      • Rotary Youth Exchange Program (including Safety, Orientation, and Procedure Training)
      • New Generations Exchange
    • Club Administration
      • Club Awards Program
      • Newsletter Editor
      • Visioning Team
      • Rotary Academy
    • Public Relations
    • Rotary Foundation
      • Annual Giving
      • Ambassadorial Scholarships
      • Peace Fellowship
      • Foundation Alumni
      • Major Donors/Permanent Fund
      • Paul Harris Society
      • Group Study Exchange
      • Polio Eradication
      • District Simplified Grants
    • District Assembly
    • District Webmaster
    • District Directory
    • District Conference
    • District Nominating Committee
    • District Finance Committee
  • 80 (approximately) additional Club and District support positions and/or committee members

Each of the functions listed above may have multiple sub-functions, projects, and/or programs. The scope of Rotary is larger than most Rotarians realize, but non-Rotarians also have little, if any, understanding of the dynamic projects and programs that operate under the banner that is Rotary. Our 105 year-old organization has developed highly effective programs that are led by passionate volunteers who invest their time, money, and energy at the Club and District level. The Club and its members are the center of the Rotary universe, but our universe extends far beyond the Club. Rotarians and non-Rotarians should understand the full extend of our organization’s capabilities of service to the Club and to Humankind.

For more information about Rotary visit www.Rotary.org

For more information on Rotary District 5190 programs go to www.RotaryDistrict5190.org

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