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by Paul Kiser
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Paul Kiser

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Vote Brings Out the Vultures
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Tuesday’s vote put the Republican Party back in charge of the House and significantly reduced the Democratic majority in the Senate. The polls prior to Tuesday had already signaled that the Democrats would face near historic losses and that news brought out the vultures (hawks is too nice a metaphor). A full-page ad in USA Today by Let Freedom Ring used the opportunity of a Democratic blood-bath to promote their fear-mongering agenda.

The unknown author(s) titled the ad with: “When will President Obama Accept Reality?” They use the recent incident of two printer bombs (not to be mistaken with any products sold by Hewlett-Packard) addressed to synagogues in Chicago to argue that we “..clearly remain under attack.”

The ad proclaims that they:

…will seek out candidates that a not afraid to praise and defend America. We will elect those who are not afraid to put a strong America first.

Who is the terrorist?

Clearly the fact that we did not respond with a nuclear bomb in Yemen last weekend has offended these people. I say these people because they seem to wish to remain unknown. Not only do they avoid listing any names in the advertisement, their website is absent of any responsible party.  As typical with this type of propaganda, the people behind this effort don’t stand behind the statements. The anonymous statements have the same value to our country as gang graffiti on a dumpster.

However, this ad is a big win… for those who are responsible for shipping the printer bombs from Yemen last week. A handful of criminals who wanted to make a name for themselves could not hope for a better result from two failed bombs that never came close to a target. They got a full-page ad in USA Today and they didn’t have to pay a penny for it. They are now the toast of every other criminal out there who wishes people would pay attention to them.

Who is the real terrorist? The nameless person who made the bomb, or the nameless people who try to take an incident and use it to promote fear for their political agenda?

I know who has my vote.

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