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Bush: “Sure I screwed America, so sue me”

George W. Bush’s intentions are now clear. He intended to starve government by cutting taxes. He thought that by taking away government revenue, it would be forced to downsize. He then turned around and began spending money by increasing the size of the federal government (TSA, Homeland Security, etc.) and started two wars. The Federal Debt crisis was the only possible result of Bush’s actions.

We need to restore the revenue that Bush took away, which means higher taxes, but anyone who makes $60,000 per year or less knows that most of their income is needed for the basic necessities of life that allow them to contribute to society. Money for shelter, transportation, food, utilities, etc. are absolutely necessary. To increase the tax burden on the poorest 50% of American is not only unfair, it’s unproductive because it means cutting spending (which hurts the economy) of hundreds of millions of people in order to divert precious family income to pay higher taxes. 

At the same time Bush made the wealthy, wealthier. Sheldon Adelson can spend $100 million dollars on funding negative attack ads. David Koch and Big Oil can contribute $500 million dollars to influence voters and millions more to deny the reality of global warming. Their spending is an insult to our political system. Rather than wasting on annoying political ads that tear apart our country it should be given to the local, state, and federal government to promote our society. If Sheldon Adelson and David Koch are taxed a few million more dollars, maybe they won’t be spending so much money on politics. They’ve demonstrated they have money to burn, so it should be taxed.

Higher taxes on those who are wasting money is not only fair, but it restores balance in a country where ALL are born EQUAL.

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