by Paul Kiser

Starbucks One - Reno, NV @ Keystone & I-80

Shhh! Be verwy, verwy quiet. I don’t do product endorsements, but I’m excited about this and I have to tell someone. I’ve got two secrets that we can’t let anyone else know about.

First, my favorite Starbucks (Reno, NV, USA @ Keystone & I-80) is going to add hot food to the breakfast menu on Memorial Day. Breakfast sandwiches have been available at some Starbucks locations for sometime, but my home office location, known in my GPS as Starbucks One has not offered them…until now…or maybe more correctly starting next Monday, May 31. I’ve eaten other breakfast sandwiches and I usually pass, but I love the Artisan bacon and egg offering, so now in addition to my morning Chai tea and afternoon brownie habit I’ll be eating breakfast sandwiches. Something tells me I have to figure out a weekly schedule of when I’ll have the sandwiches or else I’ll burn out on them quickly.

Second, and this is important to keep quiet, this Friday, May 28th, they are sampling the sandwiches for free from 7 AM to 9 AM. Yep, I’m skipping my Friday morning Rotary meeting for free food.

Thanks to Stacia and Co. at Starbucks One for adding breakfast sandwiches and for creating a great third place to be…….I’m just going to leave that participle hanging there.

See you on Friday!