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This election has been horrifying to not only liberals, but to people even within the ranks of the Republican party. Now that Donald Trump is in office, the horrors are becoming a reality. I don’t have to review all the depravities of Trump for anyone to prove how irrational it was for a nation of immigrants to select him as our leader.

What is even more disturbing is how we are closely mirroring Germany in 1933. In the 1920’s, Germany broke up into multiple political groups that polarized the country into extremism. It became so bad, that the different groups could only agree on dissolving the existing government, and couldn’t put together enough of a new government to get anything done. There were five general elections from 1930 to 1933 and people became weary of voting. In addition, the Nazi party began encouraging gangs to intimidate people to keep them from voting.

When Adolf Hitler came to power, it was not by a coup, but by a legal appointment that was made with the expectation that he would quickly be humiliated and would fail. Instead he and his supporters used various subversive methods to instigate a reaction from key groups. Once they reacted he used those events to justify implementing a state of emergency that put him in total control. 

 In addition, the Nazi party sent out gangs to perform quiet executions of any opposition leaders, which swept away dissent from Germany in a five month period. Before anyone could stop him, Hitler was not only the civilian leader, but he and his appointees were in direct and exclusive control of the internal and external military enforcement over the population.

Steve Bannon: Behind the scenes leader of the Caucasian Coup

The United States is in a similar environment to Germany in the early 1930’s. We have multiple extremist groups that have torn apart the normal civil political environment. Conservatives, like the Nazi party, no longer seek to offer rational, truthful discussion, but rather choose to fire up their base with politicized deception and lies that create more extremism.

Trump is activating a plan to subvert his opposition and end all oversight of his administration. He has flooded the government with appointees that will wipe out a government by the people and for the people, and convert it into a totalitarian government by and for white people.


The Communist Influencer of Trump

He is intentionally generating outrage at his actions in an effort to create a violent reaction in order to use turn the military and law enforcement on the citizens to silence the opposition. If he is successful, it will signal the endgame of conservative domination of our country, and create a Nazi-like state that is loyal to Vladimir Putin.