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It’s an arguable point, but Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II sixty-six years ago today. Her father, King George VI died on 6 February 1952, but she and her husband, Prince Phillip, were in Kenya at the time. In London, Elizabeth was declared Queen immediately; however, it took her two days to return to London where she was again declared Queen in person.

Princess before she became Queen

Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip in Kenya 1952

A Princess in Africa Becomes Queen of England

A gap in succession is not proper, so her reign officially began on 6 February, not 8 February. The two days is of little importance in during a reign of 66 years. Still, today is worth remembering that she was Queen in Africa before she became Queen of the United Kingdom.

Queen Elizabeth II the Legend

At 91, she is the legend by which all royalty shall be measured. She has seen more change in her life than any British King or Queen in the history of the United Kingdom. She ruled not by the power that many of her predecessors had, but by the sheer force of her will. Some may credit various Prime Ministers and Parliament for instituting the changes that shaped Great Britain today; however, Queen Elizabeth was always a factor in every decision made.

Her unique position as the icon of the United Kingdom gave her country an image of strength and constancy even as England dealt with the changes of political power and turmoil in the world. She is the rare image of female leadership in a world dominated by male leaders.

Cruel Burden

Despite her long service Queen Elizabeth II does not show her 91 years. She is a remarkable human by any standards, but no one in 1952 could have imagined that she would still be serving as Queen to the end of the century and beyond. Few can imagine the weight of responsibility she has honorably endured through the decades.

The contrast of leadership of Queen Elizabeth II and other leaders, such as Donald Trump, her Majesty shows the model of great character versus perverse character of weak men. To maintain that model for 66 years is more than could be expected of any human being, but her Highness has accomplished that and more. At all times, she has been the Rock of the world.

God Save the Queen. 

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