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I wish I could Write!  I know I am ‘writing’ and I have the ability to put words together in ‘written’ form, but there is more to writing than pounding out sentences on a keyboard.  I would like to write well.  Write with the capital ‘W’ and an exclamation mark.  Write!  It takes creativity….cleverness….style.  I don’t think have any of those qualities.  Maybe that’s my problem.

Paul Kiser - Not a Write!-er

Just take ‘creativity’.  My blog title is Paul Kiser’s Blog.  That’s not creative, that’s just my name.  If anyone can be credited for creativity it is my parents.  They gave me the name and I just used it for my blog.  I can’t even credit myself for the idea to use my name.  Some guy, I think his name is Simmons[1], suggested that people should use her or his real name on websites and blogs to build credibility to his or her brand.  Once again, someone else has the ideas and I just follow along.

Some people are very creative in naming their blog.  One person titled her blog, “Queen of Spain[2].”  Now that’s impressive.  She’s not only been creative, she’s made herself royalty.  I don’t think she is even French.  I’ve read her blog and she can Write!  She talks about socks and her daughter…apparently this is stuff that women like to read because she writes for blogHer, which is another creative name.  I could name my blog blogHim, but I don’t think even men want to read my writing.  I’m not seeking pity, just noting that I don’t have the Write! stuff.

I recently read a piece in the Spirit magazine.  That’s the Southwest Airline magazine.  I think you really have to be able to Write! to be published in the magazine that can only be found in the pocket on the backside of the seat in front of you.  Anyway this guy was writing about clowns moving in next door.  It was funny and sad.  He lost his wife to the clowns.  I’m not sure why that is funny…or sad, but he made it so because he could Write!  Maybe I just need more experience with odd life experiences and then I could be creative…but maybe not.

Speaking of airlines, is there some FAA rule that their names cannot be creative.  I thought my blog name lacked style, but I’m a genius compared to the guys who named the airlines.  United, which is not a very creative name to start with, named their low-cost service…uhmm…Ted.  Wow, some guy took the last three letters of United and came up with ‘Ted’.  I’m not sure who to feel sorry for, the guy who came up with the name, or the Board of Directors at United who approved the idea.  I would give them style points even if they just used the first three letters of United.  Uni Airlines sounds a lot better than Ted Airlines.  I’m betting that the vacuum of ideas at United headquarters requires that all office chairs come with oxygen tanks attached.

But why am I picking on United.  Southwest, Delta, American are not names that inspire the imagination.  At least Virgin Airlines stepped out of the box and came up with a name that brings a smile to a man’s face…no offense to blogHer, but if you had called it blogVirgin I’m sure men would read it regardless of the subject matter.

I’ll continue to write and hope that someday I can learn how to Write!, but for now I’ll stick to calling my blog Paul Kiser’s Blog.  It’s not creative, but it’s better than calling it TedBlog.

[1] Dr. Bret Simmons, Professor, College of Business, University of Nevada.  www.bretlsimmons.com

[2] Erin Kotecki Vest.  www.queenofspainblog.com She can Write!.