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by Paul Kiser
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Paul Kiser

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Title Your Blog with Numbered Reasons
on Technorati.com

It seems that bloggers are discovering that using a blog title with a number in it attracts attention.  Here are some that showed up in an email alert from SocialMediaToday:

  • 9  Points on Why…
  • 8  Tips to Get More…
  • 14  Situations When You…
  • 16  Tactics for Building…

I guess that readers want to know that there is a limit to what any given author is going to say.  There is good historical precedent for this practice.  The 10 Commandments is one example. People can’t name them, but they seem to find comfort knowing there are only 10. Still, I think there are five good reasons not to number your reasons.

  1. You could be wrong about the numerical count…and you probably ARE wrong. You may think there are 50 ways to leave your lover, but then Lorena Bobbitt comes along and bam! there is 51.
  2. It makes you sound pedantic (pedantic defined: ostentatious in one’s learning, ostentatious definition: look it up.)
  3. It lacks originality. Just because every other blogger is jumping on the numerical bandwagon doesn’t mean they aren’t eventually going to jump off a cliff…I need to work on my metaphor a little.
  4. It’s silly. I can’t look at a Social Media blog that starts out with a number in the title without chuckling.
  5. A number in your blog title doesn’t make your blog more authoritative. Anyone can come up with a number. For this blog I picked five as my magic number and made my reasons fit the number.
  6. You could miscount…and then where would you be?
There you have it; five reasons not to list your reasons. Any questions?

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