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Paul Kiser

If you’re reading this then you didn’t get saved either. Allow me to offer some reasons why this may be.

Reason One: We didn’t get saved because we’re bad and now we’re going to suffer. I lived through LBJ, Nixon,Reagan and Bush (x2) and heard Sarah Palin speak, so…. been there, done that.

Reason Two: There is no God and all of this is a pointless fantasy of mythology.

Reason Three: God couldn’t find anyone to save so he’s just going to wait until October 21, 2011 and flush us all.

Reason Four: God decided that we’re all saved and this is Heaven. That’s the most disturbing of all of the possibilities.

Reason Five: Harold Camping and his followers have exploited some people’s need to feel anxiety and fear about our lives and our future, even though they would be eventually exposed as frauds.

I’ll leave it for you to choose the reason that works for you, but personally I…..