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Donald is impressed by Melania rendition of Michelle Obama's speech

Donald is impressed by Melania’s rendition of Michelle Obama’s speech

Liberals are blamed for almost everything, but we are not responsible for the fiasco at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Cleveland this week. We did not make a secret deal with Donald Trump to destroy everything Republican. We didn’t pay Rudy Giuliani to do an impression of Hitler speaking to a Nazi rally. We didn’t make Melania Trump look like a Stepford wife and upload her with a speech that was plagiarized from Michelle Obama’s convention speech from eight years ago.

We didn’t do it!

It, of course, pleases us that the 35 years of madness is coming to an end, but most liberals would actually prefer an intelligent, organized, Republican opponent because it helps our nation make subtitle course corrections in our nation’s policies that keep our country moving forward.

However, the circus that is taking place in Cleveland this week is not intelligent, nor is it organized. It is the result of decades of conservative degeneration that has lost all sense of what our country has stood for, and is now distilled down to a mockery of what it means to be a citizen of the United States of America.

Republicans are aware of the depth of their depravity. Many conservatives have bitterly fought to keep Trump from becoming their candidate to represent the conservative cause; however, Trump has managed to politically eroticize enough desperate people to capture the nomination, and now conservatives have to either abandon their dignity and support Donald Trump, or admit that they have been wrong.

Conservatives can never admit they were wrong.