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Since the Civil War, the United States of America has not faced a bigger threat to the sovereignty of our nation, as we do today.


Domestic enemy of the United States

Donald Trump has been 1) endorsed by the former KGB agent and Russian President, Vladimir Putin, 2) Trump and his campaign has been link to possible ties to Russian interests, and, 3) Russia is apparently on a mission to hack into Trump’s opponents emails and released information intended to embarrass their campaigns. To add to the disgrace, Donald Trump has openly encouraged the subversion of Russia in our political system.

Vladimir Putin winks

Foreign Enemy of the United States

For the first time, our country faces the real possibility of an attempt to subvert our political system using both treasonous acts of a citizen or citizens of the United States, and the support of a former foreign enemy.

Vladimir Putin has effectively been the leader of Russia for almost seventeen years. To do this he has had to appoint a successor as President, who, in turn, appointed Putin as Prime Minister, in order to subvert the laws in Russia regarding the tenure as President. Now, as President again, he continues to rule over Russia as a Czar of Power, politically, economically, and militarily.


The KGB spy that would subvert the US Republican Party

He is unquestionably in complete control of all aspects of Russian attempts to subvert foreign countries through contracts, contributions, and espionage support for candidates that favor Russia. In France, Greece, and Italy, Russian money and influence have been used to boost the political and monetary fortunes of key candidates.

Donald Trump has been a gushing supporter of Russian interests for decades. Trump’s close ties to Russia should have made citizens of the United States question his loyalty to our country, but it didn’t because we have a large population of people who hate our country, hate our government, and eagerly support the downfall of the United States in order to replace it with a white-male dominated, Confederate States of America.

The oath to our country states that our citizens will support and defend our country’s Constitution and laws, “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” It is time to recognize that these are not just words, but a call to action.

Trump has even gone so far as to encourage an insurrection against the legal government of our country if he is not elected President. Based on his words and actions, and the words and actions of Vladimir Putin, isn’t time to stop pretending we don’t know what is going on?

Young Putin and Young Voldemort

Young Putin and Young Voldemort