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As U.S. troops were rolling into Baghdad, Saddam Hussein‘s Disinformation Officer, known as Baghdad Bob, was telling the media that U.S. soldiers were committing suicide outside the city to avoid dealing with the Iraqi Army, and as U.S. tanks were a few meters away, Baghdad Bob (Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf) denied that any U.S. forces were in the city.

Spicer’s poetic truth: U.S. flag is upside down

This is apparently the model Sean Spicer, Donald Trump’s Disinformation Officer (a.k.a. Press Secretary,) has chosen to emulate. Spicer doesn’t have a working relationship with the media. His function seems to be an attempt by the secretive Trump administration to create a sideshow that manufactures lies and deception to cover Trump’s idiotic rants and actions.

Spicer’s latest performance included a claim that Trump didn’t mean that the Obama administration wiretapped his phones in his March 4, Tweets, where Trump twice accused President Obama of wiretapping his phones. Spicer said that when Trump meant ‘observing’ and not wiretapping.

The Soviet Spy Now Trump’s Daddy

The reality is that Spicer’s job is to distract from the deeper controversies that Trump doesn’t want in the news cycle. It seems obvious that the influence that Vladimir Putin has over Trump’s administration is requiring Spicer to create a diversion for the media.

The reality is that we seem to have proof in evidence and deed that Putin has gained significant control of our government. Trump’s administration may simply be attempting to destroy as much of our government as possible before they are taken out of power.

The question remains, how much more can we continue to be mesmerized by the silliness, before appropriately respond to the crisis?