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Paul Kiser

Smaller government.  It sounds great.  Less taxes, less regulation. It’s the song that conservatives and Tea Partists have been singing for over a decade. The problem is that the conservative tune is exactly wrong for what our country needs.

Government is the basis good business in America. Regulation creates the level playing field that keeps commerce from becoming a cesspool of corruption and unethical greed, where the ones on top are the ones that play the dirtiest games. Recent history has shown us that when government regulation is not present, businesses (e.g.; Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, etc.) will sacrifice the entire nation’s economy for their own bonuses and dividends. Government regulation is absolutely necessary for ethical business to rise above the base nature of men and money.

As far as taxes, they are the dues we pay to live in the greatest country in the world. More importantly, unlike private business, almost every dollar we pay to the government flows back into the economy through, 1) private businesses for services to the people of our community and country, and/or, 2) jobs for government employees who provide vital services and infrastructure (fire, police, roads, teachers, etc.) for the American people. Despite the slanderous statements made by conservatives, most public employees meet or exceed the quality of work and productivity of private business employees, and far exceed the value per dollar of  executives in major corporations. Government employees often do the work that private business wouldn’t do because there is no profit in providing honorable service for America.

Less government has only one effect…it makes our economy smaller and increases unemployment. That is exactly why America’s economy is not growing and why unemployment is so high. A smaller government is a stupid idea, but conservatives and the TP people seem to have a corner on the stupid market.