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Conservatives: Doom Awaits Unless We Win

“The sky is falling!” That is typically the argument of conservatives. Fear works…at least for a while. Scared people are nervous and nervous people tend to vote conservative.  The irony is that for at least a century most economic downturns occur during or just after conservatives have been the dominant power in the federal government. Scared people aren’t necessarily rational.

Conservatives also run most large corporations. This should not be a surprise as business operates on a basic motive of profit, which is to say, “What’s in it for me/us?” That concept is the same position that conservatives take on most political issues. Conservatives tend to see America as a dog-eat-dog world and those at the bottom are getting what they deserve.

Conservatives cold attitude has not improved with the massive growth in executive salaries. The exponential increases in compensation for those above the glass ceiling has created a clique of American business leaders who have lost their moral compass¹ as they’re lured into an ethical abyss by the motto that “Greed is good.” The unethical pursuit of profit in business took America to the brink of economic disaster in 2007, and left Americans into a financial collapse that is still playing out across the world.

As conservatives stand naked from the of their exposure of their past misdeeds, redirecting political issues is the only option to keep their failed policies alive. In past elections, terrorism has been the deep well that conservatives drew from to create a sense of panic among voters; however, after a decade of wars American citizens have no desire to engage in another Middle East Killing Field.

Koch to 50,000 employees: Vote for Romney
(Billionaire Oil Refiner David Koch with spouse Julia)

What is working for conservatives is the fear of economic disaster. Emails of impending doom are forwarded in mass by conservatives eager to create a sense of panic in anybody that lacks the intelligence to ignore them. Willard Mitt Romney has told business executives to scare their employees with threats of layoffs and cutbacks. Koch Industries and others have complied with Romney’s request and some have gone as far as to warn their employee will be fired if they vote for President Obama. Other companies, like FedEx, have made the announcement that layoffs are coming just weeks before the election leading to employee misgivings about their future if Romney is not elected.

The tactics conservatives are using will eventually turn on them. People become immune to fear when it is constantly thrust upon them. The more the Republican party uses fear, the sillier it sounds to an intelligent person. The deeper conservatives drink in fear and hate, the more likely they will become irrelevant in American politics. 

¹Related Article: Mega Executive Performance Leads to Poorer Performance. 2010 May 31. Paul Kiser’s Blog. Kiser, Paul