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The Trump Vision for ICE


[UPDATED:  19 July 2020 – original story from 12 January 2018]

Early in Trump’s administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) became the President’s ruthless thugs in his racist agenda. Moving away from intelligent, common sense enforcement of immigration policies, ICE began acting as Trump’s SS police to target people who have been contributing to the country’s economy and have not been involved in any significant criminal activity.

ICE has now become a white terrorist organization seeking to scare and intimidate immigrants whether they are documented or not.

ICE As Trump’s SS Police

In the past year ICE agents have:

10 January 2018 – ICE agents made an unannounced raid of almost 100 7-Eleven stores across the nation as part of a terrorism campaign to build fear among immigrants. In an announcement following the raids, Deputy Director Thomas D. Homan declared that his agency would be targeting small businesses and commercial operations that hire undocumented workers. He stated that these businesses are attempting to gain a competitive edge, but completely ignored the fact that small businesses and agricultural operations can’t find reliable U.S. citizens willing to work the types of jobs they have available.

17-21 September – ICE had planned on launching ‘Operation Mega,’ targeting 8,400 immigrants nationwide in order to meet a deportation goal by 30 September. U.S. Immigration Service canceled the operation after NBC News reported the plan earlier in September. ICE stated that the cancellation was because of the diaster recovery efforts after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

23-26 July 2017 – ICE agents arrested 650 immigrants, of which, only twenty percent had any criminal charge or conviction. The other 520 were noncriminal arrests.

1 May 2017 – ICE had arrested 21,000 immigrants and began masking the information of the criminal records of the detainees from public disclosure by combining minor offenses and a lack of documentation as a criminal offense. Prior to this, the Justice Department was demanding each ICE regional office report the three worst records of the detainees to be used as a propaganda campaign to justify their actions. Several offices reportedly could not provide the information sought by the Trump administration.

February 2017Operation Cross Check picked up 675 immigrants. Half had no other criminal convictions or only traffic offenses. Less than ten percent had drug-related convictions and less than 15% had convictions for assault. Only two had homicide convictions. (It would be interesting to compare these records to the criminal records of Congress members; however, as soon as the 115th Congress convened in January 2017, they passed a measure that protects them from revealing any personal information to any criminal investigation.)

June/July 2020 – In early June, unidentified armed officers in riot gear appeared at protests in Washington D.C. near the Capitol. Those were an assorted mix of armed agents and police from multiple agencies. In July, unidentified ICE agents were deployed in Portland, unannounced, in rented white vans and accused of kidnapping protesters off the streets.

ICE Above the Law…Just Like the SS Police

ICE agents no longer operate under the scrutiny of the citizens of the United States. ICE is intentionally hiding data regarding the offenses of detainees so that no one can question their actions. They are also using terrorism tactics to brazenly question and arrest people of color without regard to sufficient cause, and they are targeting cities and states that offer sanctuaries for immigrants.

These are the exact same tactics used by Hitler’s SS police force to intimidate the Jews in Nazi Germany. The SS officers were given broad authority with little or no regard for civil rights or common sense. This is the same tactic being used by Trump’s ICE force, and they are planning to double the size of the ICE force, even though they are not finding immigrants to justify their operations now.