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I’m almost back to normal…that is normal for me. Last week I went on a quick turnaround to Philadelphia and back. If my GPS was guiding me it would have sounded like the following:

The American College in Bryn Mawr, PA

(All times PDT) Proceed to highlighted route…(WED 10:00 AM) Arriving at Reno/Tahoe Airport…turn right and fly 800 miles to Denver International Airport…(WED 2:00 PM) Arriving at DIA…continue straight 1600 miles to Philadelphia International Airport…(WED 9:00 PM) Arriving at PIA…turn left and travel 15 miles to Radnor Hotel…(WED 10:00 PM) Arriving at Radnor Hotel….(THUR 4:00 AM) continue 2.4 miles to The American College…(THUR 2:00 PM) Return to Radnor Hotel…(FRI 1:00 AM) return to PIA…(FRI 3:20 AM) turn right and fly 2200 miles to Las Vegas, NV

Coming into Las Vegas early Friday over Lake Meade

…(FRI 9:00 AM) Arrive at LAS…(FRI 10:50 AM) turn right and fly 350 miles to Reno…(12:10 PM) Arriving at Reno…Turn left and drive 30 miles to Starbucks in North Carson City…(1:30 PM) Arriving at Starbucks…turn left and drive 3 miles to the Carson City Airport…(3:30 PM) Arriving at Carson City Airport…turn right and continue 30 miles to Reno…(5:45 PM) Arriving at home.

Over 5,000 miles in about 50 hours with only seven hours sleep (plus a couple on the plane) and I find that my IQ drops by 25%, my patience drops to zero and I still feel hung over two days later. I didn’t want to leave my room to eat or drink (there was a Starbucks across the street!) at the Radnor because I was so tired from the trip/time changes and when Friday morning’s flight left 30 minutes late, I was not a happy camper.

So why do I like traveling? I dislike the way airlines treat the customer. I often am critical of the lodging and I feel intimidated in eating by myself.

Still, I always like to travel. I think it is because I love what I get to do. I meet some very interesting people and gain new information about myself, other people, and other places. I’ll always stand ready to load up my suitcase and be off again….but for now, I’m going to get some more sleep.