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Terrible!  Just found out that Donald Trump had my “wires tapped”! It is outrageous that he would attack my civil liberties and listen in on my conversations. My proof? I said it, so it must be true. It works for Trump.

At least when the little boy cried, “Wolf!” it was for attention. Trump is seeking distraction

Pay no attention to the Communist Spy in my bed!

Donald Trump is the little boy with cookie crumbs on his lips, who denies he ate the forbidden cookie. His, “ignore-the-Russian-President-hiding-behind-the-curtain,” stunt is sadly transparent. His desperation to change the subject with a counter accusation indicates that the Russia connection is worse than anyone suspects.

For those Trump supporters who might admonish me with a, “you don’t know it’s not true,” consider this point. Trump has access to all the information contained in all of our country’s intelligence agencies. Any rational person making such an accusation would also put forth the proof. If it were true, it would be more likely we were tapping Putin’s phone and caught Trump talking to him.

I’ll admit that the ‘rational person’ is at question when we are discussing Donald Trump, but really, he has a credibility void, and a Trump Tweet is just his diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain.