Sean Spicer: Trump’s Baghdad Bob


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As U.S. troops were rolling into Baghdad, Saddam Hussein‘s Disinformation Officer, known as Baghdad Bob, was telling the media that U.S. soldiers were committing suicide outside the city to avoid dealing with the Iraqi Army, and as U.S. tanks were a few meters away, Baghdad Bob (Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf) denied that any U.S. forces were in the city.

Spicer’s poetic truth: U.S. flag is upside down

This is apparently the model Sean Spicer, Donald Trump’s Disinformation Officer (a.k.a. Press Secretary,) has chosen to emulate. Spicer doesn’t have a working relationship with the media. His function seems to be an attempt by the secretive Trump administration to create a sideshow that manufactures lies and deception to cover Trump’s idiotic rants and actions.

Spicer’s latest performance included a claim that Trump didn’t mean that the Obama administration wiretapped his phones in his March 4, Tweets, where Trump twice accused President Obama of wiretapping his phones. Spicer said that when Trump meant ‘observing’ and not wiretapping.

The Soviet Spy Now Trump’s Daddy

The reality is that Spicer’s job is to distract from the deeper controversies that Trump doesn’t want in the news cycle. It seems obvious that the influence that Vladimir Putin has over Trump’s administration is requiring Spicer to create a diversion for the media.

The reality is that we seem to have proof in evidence and deed that Putin has gained significant control of our government. Trump’s administration may simply be attempting to destroy as much of our government as possible before they are taken out of power.

The question remains, how much more can we continue to be mesmerized by the silliness, before appropriately respond to the crisis?

Preparing for the Post Trump Era: Step One


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Donald Trump is the apex of the Republican model of government. What is happening today is exactly what has been desired by conservatives like, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich, Jerry Falwell, Rush Limbaugh, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan. It is a corporate government, not to serve the public, but as a corporation to satisfy the desires of the wealthy.

It is racist. It is secretive. And it is illegal. Our model of government is that it is a government of the people and by the people. What Trump is doing is anything but that.

It is a model of government that Vladimir Putin has perfected, and it seems apparent that he has been trying to export his perversion of government to create subsidiaries of his corporate government in democratic countries.

There is ample evidence of a Trump/Putin connection that is inappropriate for the Office of the President. It would be cause for investigation and removal from office; however, our Republican leadership is in the same bed as Trump. 

Still, the tolerance of the political fiasco in our country is wearing thin, and the United States doesn’t suffer fools for long. Before that happens, our country needs to establish a plan of how we will move forward and not let this happen again.

Step One:  The Disposal of the Trump Era
It will not be enough to remove Donald Trump from office. He will need to be prosecuted for his crimes against our country. There seems to be enough evidence to suggest that he should be charged as a traitor. If found guilty, he must face punishment. There can be no pardon for him.

If he is found guilty of crimes against foreign countries, extradition should be on the table. 

Trump’s tower in Panama

All his assets, and any asset using his name should be confiscated and placed in the public treasury. He cannot be allowed to walk away with the fortunes he is gaining at the expense of the citizens of this country, and we should not be forced to see his name on buildings, projects, and programs.

His children must also be investigated, and prosecuted if they are suspected of acting against the interest of the people of the United States of America.

All Trump appointees, and anyone hired into federal service during the Trump administration should be removed from office immediately. All actions taken by Trump and/or his appointees should be immediately rescinded.

There is likely no legal precedent to allow all of these actions, but Trump has violated the established norms and mores of our country, and legal precedent does not apply.

Republicans Living Down to Expectations


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GOP’s big loser takes from the elderly and poor to give to the rich

They did exactly what was expected and then went further. Republicans put together a plan to shred our healthcare, and then added more tax breaks for the wealthiest. Ryancare could best be described as the bomb dropped on the United States to distract us from noticing how deep Vladimir Putin is in Trump’s pants.

‘Repeal and Replace’ is, as expected, ‘Flush and Make the Wealthiest, Wealthier.’ By bullet point, this is what the Republicans shot down.

  • Mandatory coverage, gone. A return to pre-Obamacare
  • Subsidies, still there, but smaller
  • Medicare money raided to give the wealthy a big tax cut
  • Elderly and people with pre-existing conditions will pay up to five times more for insurance

Many believe that Ryancare will undergo significant changes; however, none of the discussed changes will improve the existing law. Republicans are committed to carnage and destruction. Business as usual.

The Privatization of the Presidency


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Leadership in secret isn’t in the public’s best interest

The one of the Commandments of the Bible of Conservatism is that government should be privatized. This idea has been proven to cost more, create more corruption, and more inefficiencies, and yet it is still on the banners of the conservative fanatics that don’t need facts, because they have faith.

Donald Trump has now taken the Privatization Commandment to a new level: The Presidency of the United States of America. Trump is operating his administration as if he doesn’t report to the public. He uses the government to promote and fund his own private business interests. He doesn’t believe in transparency, and acts as if the government is his private corporation, where information is to be closely guarded, and the media is the enemy.

The model he is using is a return of a King George type of model, where he is the absolute leader that cannot be questioned or challenged, and uses force to impose his will. It is exactly the type of leadership that our country rejected when it declared independence from Great Britain.

This model of secrecy of leadership is almost always used to hide unethical acts. It is even worse than when Richard Nixon tried to cover up the illegal acts of his administration during Watergate. Like Nixon, Trump believes that he is untouchable. Let’s hope he is not.

Trump Ordered A Wiretap of My Phones


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Terrible!  Just found out that Donald Trump had my “wires tapped”! It is outrageous that he would attack my civil liberties and listen in on my conversations. My proof? I said it, so it must be true. It works for Trump.

At least when the little boy cried, “Wolf!” it was for attention. Trump is seeking distraction

Pay no attention to the Communist Spy in my bed!

Donald Trump is the little boy with cookie crumbs on his lips, who denies he ate the forbidden cookie. His, “ignore-the-Russian-President-hiding-behind-the-curtain,” stunt is sadly transparent. His desperation to change the subject with a counter accusation indicates that the Russia connection is worse than anyone suspects.

For those Trump supporters who might admonish me with a, “you don’t know it’s not true,” consider this point. Trump has access to all the information contained in all of our country’s intelligence agencies. Any rational person making such an accusation would also put forth the proof. If it were true, it would be more likely we were tapping Putin’s phone and caught Trump talking to him.

I’ll admit that the ‘rational person’ is at question when we are discussing Donald Trump, but really, he has a credibility void, and a Trump Tweet is just his diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain. 

The 2018 Recession


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Some people seem to believe that recessions are unpredictable. After all, if we could predict them, why would we let them happen? But recessions are predictable. They follow economic policies that are near-sighted. Policies that use deception to sell them to the citizens. Recessions happen because you can fool some of the people all of the time.

Recession:  The Shadow That Follows Republican Leadership

Republicans, back on top, recession to follow

Republicans, back on top, recession to follow

Republicans and recessions are inseparable. This was true in the 1980’s after Ronald Reagan made massive tax cuts for the wealthiest, while gutting domestic programs. President George Bush (41st) averted a recession when Democrats in Congress forced him to restore government revenues and increase government spending. The 2001 recession came after Republicans forced Bill Clinton to accept tax cuts and dismantle domestic programs after they took control of Congress. George Bush (43rd) used tax and domestic program cuts, along with massive military spending, and stripped down oversight of banking, to lead us into the Great Recession.

The pattern is simple. Republicans cut taxes, primarily for the extremely rich, and cut spending on domestic programs, taking away jobs and money from the economy. Minor tax relief is short-lived and is countered by an economy that is collapsing.

In addition to gutting the country’s economic foundation, Republicans favorite vice is to pour money into the military, which creates spending in small geographic areas, but it doesn’t support the broader sections of the peaceful economy. This type of spending for destruction fails to build lasting infrastructure that promotes the future economy, and creates a flow of government revenue for expenses outside of the United States to finance bases, logistics, and support troops. This money leaves our economy and doesn’t flow back into it.


The face of the economic failure

Trump’s Plan To Destroy the Economy
Government spending is the fuel of the U.S. economy. Specifically, government domestic spending. Military spending is usually burdened with unethical practices of the private military industry that tend to overcharge and under perform.

Donald Trump’s plan is to combine the economic errors of past Republican fiascoes and leave a middle class with low paying service jobs. Spending in the military is only effective if the United States is at war, so it is likely that Trump’s aggressive war of words with the rest of the world is designed to generate violent acts that can be manipulated into an air and ground war.

The result of Trump’s revival of failed Republican economic policies will bring on a recession in 2018, that may last for years.

Government Domestic Spending:  Real Jobs, Good Jobs
Growth in our economy has one common denominator:  Government domestic spending. Money spent by the government pays for both public and private sector jobs. Spending on programs that create new infrastructure and new technologies have the lasting effect on our economy. Spending on dams and hydroelectric programs, highways, and the space program all infused money and technological advances that moved our country into the economic leadership role that it has held for over a century.

When government fails to invest in internal programs it empties the pipeline of money that flows through the economy and that prevents money flowing back to the government, choking off the recharge of tax revenue that keeps the economy going.

Who’s Not Paying?
We are in a wealth crisis. As of 2012, the wealthiest ten percent (10%) of the United States own just under eighty percent (80%) of the wealth. The distribution of wealth in other affluent countries in 2012, showed that the top ten percent (10%) owned fifty to sixty percent (50-60%) of their country’s wealth.

Since Ronald Reagan, Republicans have successfully sacrificed the U.S. economy to make the wealthy, wealthier. Trump plans to put those efforts on steroids as he leads us to a recession that may resemble the Great Recession.

Can It Be Avoided?
No. The election of Donald Trump proved that there is no popular will to identify the problems caused by Republican economic self-pleasuring, and change course to put our country back toward a healthy economy. The best we can do is brace for impact and hope that our least educated citizens will finally see the consistent failure of Republican leadership. 

ICE Becoming Trump’s Version of Nazi SS?


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Mem Fox - The 70 year-old children's book author deemed a threat to the US

Mem Fox – The 70 year-old children’s book author deemed a threat to the US

The seventy year-old children’s book author from Australia was on her way to a conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mem Fox was a pro at travelling. She had entered into the United States over 100 times before, and she was expecting the normal review of her documentation when she arrived at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on February 9.

What she didn’t realize was that she was about to experience her first encounter of Trump’s version of the Nazi SS.

On January 27, Donald Trump began his campaign to unleash a security force to terrorize foreign visitors to the United States of America. His first step was to sign an unannounced Executive Order to ban Muslims from six countries from entering the United States.

This was the signal to immigration officers implementing border control that the rules that held them to a standard of honor and decency were going to be eliminated. Now those agents who joined U.S. Customs for the power and thrill of humiliating people could be unleashed on the public with the complete support of the Holy Trinity of Racism: Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, and Vladimir Putin.

When Ms. Fox entered the United States an immigration officer falsely accused her of having an improper visa, and then began a two-hour detention by officers that felt the glory and power of their ability to humiliate and terrorize. She later explained that, “‘I have never in my life been spoken to with such insolence, treated with such disdain, with so many insults and with so much gratuitous impoliteness.”

I have never in my life been spoken to with such insolence, treated with such disdain, with so many insults and with so much gratuitous impoliteness.

Were this an isolated incident, it might seem to be a fluke, but two days before in Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Muhammad Ali’s son and his mother were detained by U.S. Customs agents when they returned from Jamaica. Muhammad Ali Jr, unlike Ms. Fox, was born in the United States and had a valid US passport, nevertheless, he was detained for two hours after being asked if he was a Muslim.

These incidents indicate a larger strategy by Trump’s administration. Trump seems to be empowering a group of people with the ability to terrorize and humiliate people, including U.S. citizens with little or no concern for accountability to the people of the United States of America.


Hitler’s Enforcement Force – The Nazi SS

Trump’s plan to build up a force that answers solely to his administration and is given the mission to aggressively humiliate and intimidate groups of non-white, and/or non-Christians is an effective recruiting incentive for the racist elements that brought him to power. It is likely that by the end of this year, a military-style federal police force will be in place to be utilized in any manner deemed necessary for Homeland Security.

Trump’s actions recent actions to an immigration threat that doesn’t exist indicate that he is using the issue to create an independent force of that will operate outside current U.S. laws. This Nazi-like SS (Schutzstaffel) force that will serve to eliminate dissent and ensure a white-dominated authority.

The God Test


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Christ crucifixion statue, Isla Grande, Panama.

Question 1

Is God infallible? (Incapable of making mistakes or having an error in judgement)

If God is not infallible then God is capable of making mistakes and has failings that could lead to unneeded pain and suffering.

Question 2

Is God omnipresent? (In all places at all times past, present, and future.)

If God is not omnipresent then God cannot be aware of all things, nor intervene on all situations.

Question 3

Is God’s always good and honorable? (Does God always desire good for those who believe in Him/Her, and seek to do good rather than evil?)

If God is not always good and/or honorable, then followers cannot trust in Him/Her to do what is correct.

Question 4

Does God have/know all the correct answers to every possible question?

If God does not have/know all the correct answers to every possible question then He/She is not infallible, nor omnipresent.

Question 5

Does God love humans? (Have a unique and caring relationship with humans.)

If not, then a basic premise of the nature of God and His/Her relationship with humans (that God loves humans) is not true.

Question 6

Are humans the most important part of the universe?

If not, then God’s purpose is not human-based, but based on caring for the larger universe, thus, He/She does not always have our best interest in mind, as the needs of other aspects of the universe may have priority.

Question 7

Are humans to serve God? (Provide a service, act or behave on behalf of God, or produce material goods for God.)

If not, then humans have no compelling need to have a dependent relationship with God.

Question 8

Are humans to worship God? (To glorify, honor, praise, exalt, and please God.)

If not, then humans have no obligation to please God.

Question 9

Do humans and God have a quid pro quo relationship? (There is an equal benefit to both humans and God in the relationship)

If not, then there is an imbalance in the relationship that could lead to neglect or abuse of the relationship.

Question 10

Is it impossible for humans to survive without God? (God’s existence is necessary for human existence.)

If not, then humans don’t need a God.

Question 11

Does God determine when and how a human is born and how a human dies?

If not, then human lives are a random chance and God is not the creator of all things.

Question 12

Is there an existence for a human after death?

If not, then there is no reward or punishment for a human’s acts and/or failure to act during life.

(Copyright © 2017 Paul Kiser)

Babble Blog


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_dsc8065I’m working on an article that you are going to really enjoy. The article is going to come out tomorrow, or maybe next week, or sometime, but you are going to love this article.

People, so many people, have wanted me to write this article, and they come to me, everyday, I’m telling you they come to me every day. Every. Day. And they want me to write this article.

This article is so important. So. Important. I can’t even tell you how important this article is, but believe me, this is an important article. And I’m not just saying that. Other people, smart people, these people are so smart it will blow you away. Blow. You. Away. And these smart people are saying that this is the article that needs to be written, and I’m going to write it, because the people want me to write it.

There is such a mess out there, you don’t even know how bad of a mess there is, but once I write this article you will see how big of a mess there is, and the media, the liberal media has been hiding this mess, hiding this mess. I’m telling you they have been purposely hiding this mess from the public, because I’m telling you that they’ve been hiding this mess, and I’m going to tell you about it, because I’m not going to let the liberal media hide this mess anymore. We’re going to fix this mess and were going to make everything better because you deserve better. You. Deserve. Better. Better than what these other people have been giving you.

This is what the people want. They want me to write this article, and they want me to do it because I am the best person to write it. You can’t find a better person than me to write this article. I write. It’s what I do, and I’m great at writing. I’m the best. You will not find anyone more qualified than me to write this article, and this is why I’m the one who the people want to write this article. So this article will come out in the next few weeks, or next year, at the latest.

The God Store: There’s A God for That


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god-storeLooking for answers of purpose of life? 

Don’t understand the trials and the strife? 

Relax, you need to wander no more.  

We have what you seek at our local God store.

Need a God that is kind, wise and caring? 

Or one vengeful, wrathful, and worth fearing? 

Our Gods have it all, we’re where it’s at 

Name your desire because there’s a God for that 

A God to worship only on Sunday? 

Or one on your dash as you go down the highway?

Let your God be at home, work, or school

Our store perfects the religiositical fool 

In church your God will look like the others

So you can pretend you’re all sisters and brothers

Need a God that looks only like you?  

We have Him, and His blond-haired son too 

We have one for each hook, line, and sinner  

You pick the one that feels like a personal winner 

Need the God that is from a Bible? 

More precise please, the text is too tribal 

A God that hates all abortions and gays? 

No problem, we even throw in Jose

Need to put a woman in her place?

Not that original, but okay, how about race?

Want a God that loves only Caucasians?

We have a God for every skin persuasion

Need a God that takes care of the rich?

This is the place, your God’s your bitch.

You don’t believe in any God you say?

You’re not normal and you should go away.

For the faithful we have God to sell

We’re going to heaven, you’re going to Hell

Still, we feel compelled for something to do,

So, we’ll be condescending and pray for you